Subject: East Side Update-August 5th

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East Side Update
5 August 2012

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Greg Clark

Greg came to NYC in 1971 to pursue a career in investments.  He has lived in New York ever since, except for a twelve year hiatus living in Aspen, CO.  (Peace and quiet are highly overrated!)  He and his wife, Lourine, started listening to Tim Keller sermons in 1992 while in Aspen.  They joined Redeemer immediately upon their return to NYC in 2002.  In addition to being an Elder, Greg has been involved in community groups, Catalyst, the Gotham Fellowship and served on the communion team.  Lourine founded Redeemer's prayer ministry.

Dear ,

It is a familiar Redeemer mantra: if you are not in a Community Group, you are not in the church. Yet it can be difficult to put community into practice. In the recent New York Times article, “Friends of a Certain Age: Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30?” the author laments the difficult nature of making friends as one grows older. He cites factors such as conflicting schedules, changing priorities and higher standards for would-be friends. The author observes that friendships typically form around shared interests or schedules, but when interests fade or schedules change, friendships disappear quickly.
The same can be said of the Christian community. We gravitate toward people who are like us or have common interests. But, as Christians, our friendships are built on a more substantive foundation than shared vocations or sports teams. Our common ground is before the cross, and we all share in our dependency on Jesus as Lord. As theologian Stanley Hauerwas said, “Church is a school for friendship.” In other words, it is because we are loved by God that it is possible to love one another.
Why is this often not the case? We fail to realize that Jesus intends for his servanthood and forgiveness toward us to be reflected in our relationships. This is essential because the Church is composed of sinners: people who excel at putting themselves before others.
Are friendships difficult to establish and maintain? Absolutely. But know that you are equipped, through God’s grace, with the ability to serve and forgive. And if we are growing in Christ, these abilities will only get better with age.

In Christ,
Aaron Bjerke

Community Group Director
Sunday, August 19 | HFNY: Homeless Shelter Volunteer Orientation
Orientation at 1PM; Volunteer on Sunday-Friday evenings from 6PM-8PM | 73rd and Madison

Volunteers needed to prepare and serve a meal, talk with homeless guests, and clean up at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church-St. James' homeless shelter, which hosts 12 homeless men each night on Sunday-Friday evenings.  MAPC-SJ operates in conjunction with NYC's homeless emergency drop-in center. All potential volunteers must first attend an orientation session. Contact

See our website for further needs listed on our Service Opportunities page.

Sunday, August 12 | citilights Picnic at Central Park
1:00-4:30PM | Conservatory Water (E 72nd St. and 5th Ave)

Come hang out at the Conservatory Water at Central Park.  Play board and outdoor games.  Bring food to share if you'd like as well as blankets to sit on and sports paraphernalia.  Contact Sarah at (678) 640-6289.

Tuesday, August 14 | East Side Men
7:00-8:45PM | 1359 Broadway, 4th Fl
Come join other men from your congregation at the August East Side Men Core Discipleship night. Be strengthened by worshiping alongside your brothers from the East Side congregation and by hearing teaching from a Redeemer elder. Feel free to bring a friend.

CFW 2012 Gospel & Culture Conference
Friday-Saturday, November 2-3

Hundreds of you participated in last November’s Gospel & Culture Conference as we re-envisioned our work in the world in light of God’s sovereignty over all things. Registration is now open for the 2nd annual conference this fall focused on “Wrestling God. Work Re-imagined.” Redeemer members receive a special rate for a limited time only so don't wait to register and spread the word. For details:
Volunteer Outing

Last week, East Side Sunday Service Ministries volunteers lifted their voices in harmonious (and sometimes hilarious) glee at a Karaoke Afternoon. Although “what happens at karaoke stays at karaoke,” several participants are allowing their photos to be used to show that volunteers can have a lot of fun together. You are invited both to join us as a volunteer and to be a part of our next community building event. We’d love to have you!  Email to volunteer and join in the fun.

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