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East Side Update
10 June 2012

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Glen Kleinknecht

Glen, originally a farm boy from Indiana, became a Christian while in college.  After six years of campus ministry, he moved to NYC in 1976 to help begin Cru’s inner-city ministry.  An amateur tour guide, he especially enjoys helping new people discover the City.  His greatest joys include interacting about city ministry with his son and daughter and their spouses, who are involved in a Redeemeresque church in L.A.,  and perfecting his grandfathering skills.  Glen, Carole, and their children participated in the founding of Redeemer in 1989.
Dear ,
This Sunday’s sermon was about the universal struggle of worrying. Triggered by a potential threat, worry is remarkably powerless. It can’t really do anything to help us, such as add an extra hour onto our day. Medical research indicates that anxiety may actually contribute to a shorter lifespan.
Jesus urges us to counter anxiety by considering God’s providential care for us. If God provides for the needs of birds, doesn’t it make sense our heavenly Father will take care of us, given how much more valuable we are? The lilies of the field are a more spectacular fashion statement than Solomon ever was. If that’s what God loves to do with plant life, imagine what that means for us, created in his image! It means he would do the unthinkable: his beloved Son would give up his splendor and be stripped bare so we might be clothed in him. Jesus faced the ultimate threat for us, even death, so our anxious hearts might rest in his everlasting peace.
Instead of being preoccupied with what might happen to us, we should cultivate the habit of seeking his kingdom and righteousness. Don’t allow worry to crowd God out of your life. Displace it by filling yourself with the splendor of the King. Rather than being obsessed by trying to control the uncontrollable, trust in the One who controls all things and loves to take care of you.
 Leo Schuster

Sundays | Worship at DeWitt Nursing Home
2:00PM-4:00PM | E 79th St between 2nd and 3rd Aves

Join HFNY volunteers to sing hymns, read scripture and spend time with residents at an UES nursing home who are often abandoned or rarely visited by their families. Worship services are currently held on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the month. Starting on Sunday, July 1, they will be held on the 1st Sunday of the month. For more info, email

Saturdays | Bake and Build Relationships with Formerly Homeless on the UES
12:00PM-2:00PM | Upper East Side

Bake and interact with residents of an UES facility for men and women recovering from homelessness as part of the Saturday High Tea program. This is a long-term, supportive housing facility that houses 65 men and women, the majority of whom are mentally ill and have been chronically homeless.  This is a great group opportunity! For more info, email

Weekdays and Sundays | Prepare and Serve Meals to Homeless
6:00PM-8:00PM | Madison Ave and 73rd St

Prepare and serve a meal for around 12 homeless men at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church-St. James' Shelter, and then stay for conversation and clean-up! For more info, email

The Community section of our newsletter will celebrate our new members and baptisms.

A warm welcome to our new East Side Members:
Jared Douglas Baragar
Mallory E. Hammond
Gen-hong Liu
Jon Newman
Jordan Winder
Helen Zuo
Stacey L. Hughes
Ellen Schuster

And congratulations to parents Jason and Meredith Fabozzi on the the baptism of their two children:
Augustin Michael Fabozzi
Nicholas Anthos Fabozzi
Pastor Leo Schuster spoke at the Center for Faith & Work's Vocation Group Night as part of their series on Becoming Fully Human.  If you missed it, we hope you'll watch the video of Leo's talk as he shares what priestly work looks like in your own vocation in light of the work of Christ. Click here to watch.

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