Subject: East Side Update-October 28

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East Side Update
28 October 2012

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Jessica Hong
Community Group Intern

Jessica was born in Flushing, NY but considers herself a Philly native at heart. She received her BA in Psychology at Bryn Mawr College and then received her M. Div from Westminster Theological Seminary. She was part of a church plant for 6 years in Philadelphia called Gracepoint Church. She's a huge E-A-G-L-E-S fan, she actually bleeds green. Jessica finds it an incredible privilege to serve the East Side and is excited to explore NYC.
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My husband is obsessed with the TV show the Dog Whisperer where the host, Caesar Milan, rehabilitates dogs with extreme behavioral issues.   Though we don’t own a dog, my husband, convinced that the scope of the show is too narrow, has embraced its philosophy as a How-To Guide for raising our children!  I am certainly not convinced that raising dogs and kids are analogous, however, I have noticed that one of the methods Caesar uses for the worst offenders is to bring the featured dog back to his compound for an extended stay. There the dog is introduced to the pack and is (in a sense) mentored by this healthy and balanced community of dogs. Consequently, the once troubled dog begins to leave her pattern of dysfunctional behavior and learns a new way of living and interacting with the group and her master.  Ok, admittedly I too on occasion catch myself wondering if the Dog Whisperer’s techniques are just for dogs or is there some broader application I can make to life?  Life is hard and we are broken people.  As believers we need others to help us apply the gospel to our lives and remind us of God’s faithfulness. Whether you are single, married, or parents, the Children’s Ministry is a great place to be in community, serve and help our children experience the gospel.

Our recent family concert, Slugs and Bugs, was an opportunity to be in community and experience the gospel.  The music provided a terrific foot stomping time and the pizza party afterwards was a great way to begin developing meaningful relationships with our families.  Check out the pictures.



In Christ,
Spring Rawlings
Childrens Ministry Coordinator

If you need help because of the storm caused by Hurricane Sandy, you may contact the Diaconate here.

November is Nomination Month for Elders and the Diaconate
Starting October 28 thru November 25
Are you a member of Redeemer? It’s your privilege to nominate fellow members for the roles of Elder, Deacon and Deaconess. Please read the description and prayerfully consider Christians that might be a good fit (mature in faith). Submit nominations online, download a nomination form or pick up a form at the info table after the Sunday services.

Sharing in Grief of UWS Family Loss
Please read the letter written by West Side Pastor David Bisgrove on how we as a church community can respond to the tragedy that occurred on the UWS.
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